Our repertoire is all written by David Braid.

It ranges from settings of texts from a wide selection of poets (see ‘texts’ tab) to instrumental duos of viola/mandolin and songs for voice/mandolin and voice/viola.

A noticeable feature of Braid’s works is their brevity, few of his works last longer than three or four minutes at most.

Concerning this he says: “I take Satie’s lead on this, his ethos of ‘not taking any more time from the listener than is absolutely necessary,’ feels right to me. I prefer brief, intense experiences to long drawn-out arguments”.


The combination of soprano, viola and mandolin is unusual.

However, musically this instrumentation touches all bases: three melodic instruments (counting voice) plus the surprising harmonic capabilities of the mandolin, which is of course, also an excellent accompanying instrument in its own right; part of its lute heritage!

Three players also allows for highly flexible phrasing, and close ensemble. Also, our non-requirement of a piano enables performances in non-traditional venues.


With most of the repertoire including soprano, we perform settings of a wide range of poets.

These include: Larkin, O’Dea, Shakespeare, R.S. Thomas, Neruda,┬áLorca, et al.

These works are generally set in English, with the occasional foray into their original language (where translated) so the colour/tone of the original is not lost or wasted.